The Steering Group’s 14th (2nd-to-last!) meeting… Update from Issey

The Centenary Celebrations Steering Group had their 14th meeting on the 3rd of September – only 1 meeting left now, the Centenary Celebrations youth heritage exhibition is open to visitors in the Geffrye front garden (and free!), the Centenary Timeline is now live, and the Centenary Celebrations Young Volunteer Tour Guides will be leading their tours at the museum on:
– Sunday 21 September
– Sunday 19 October
– Sunday 16 November

Hear from Steering Group and Geffrye Youth Advisory Panel member Issey about what happened at the Steering Group meeting last week…


As last week’s Steering Group meeting was the penultimate meeting, we spent a lot of time reflecting on the project, especially through the @GeffryeYouth Twitter page, as we continue to generate interest in the exhibition and other parts of Geffrye Centenary-related research. We heard about further opportunities offered to young Geffrye volunteers, including marketing training. Looking back at the project for evaluation purposes made us all realise how much we’ve all learned and contributed to the museum, and for me it was great to look back on all the ways in which I have learned about the functioning of a museum. I certainly appreciate all the work that happens behind the visitor experience now!

Issey at the Ironmongers' Company © Geffrye Museum of the Home

Issey at the Ironmongers’ Company © Geffrye Museum of the Home

The evaluation forms were quite long, but as I said, it was so nice to see our responses to the expectation forms we completed at the start of the project. We all had high expectations for the Centenary Celebrations Steering Group, such as building new friendships and learning new research skills, and we were all in agreement that we feel like we have learned a lot and had lots of new experiences.

I’m excited for the next (and final!) Steering Group meeting, as we’ll be looking back over the last year or so and we voted to be spending our last session together doing creative things, including yummy baking! When the Steering Group ends, I will be continuing my History of Art course, this year with a focus on museum and exhibition studies – I’m really happy to be able to use my experience at the Geffrye to boost my undergraduate studies.

If you’re able to, I’d definitely recommend visiting the Geffrye to see our lovely outdoor Centenary Celebrations exhibition; that way you can see how we’ve spent the last fifteen months celebrating the museum’s hundredth anniversary.

The front garden of the museum in the early 1900s © Geffrye Museum of the Home

The front garden of the museum in the early 1900s © Geffrye Museum of the Home

Events happening in front of the museum today © Geffrye Museum of the Home

Events happening in front of the museum today © Geffrye Museum of the Home

It’s been great sharing our progress with you all, and keep reading our blog for more updates during this special year for the Geffrye!

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